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How much does health insurance cost?

By on September 14th, 2011
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california health insurance costs
How much does health insurance cost in each state?

(Updated State Data Here(In 2014 when all reforms are in place here)

Three different organizations – eHealth, Inc. , AHIP, and the Kaiser Family Foundation – publish reports that try to answer the question, how much does health insurance cost for individually-purchased plans for single people and families? This is the primary market eHealthInsurance serves.

I’ve updated this post, because eHealth just published our ‘Cost & Benefits of Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans’ report for 2011.

Of the three organizations that track these numbers, each has a different way of arriving at a number. The data in the reports are different, in part because of how and where the data were collected and the number of policies compared.

First the numbers, then the methodologies:

eHealthInsurance Data:
According to eHealthInsurance’s ‘Cost & Benefits of Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans’ report for 2011, health insurance costs:

  • $183 per month for Individual Policies: Nationwide, the average monthly premium paid for individual policies was $183.
  • $414 per month for Family Policies: Nationwide, the average monthly premium paid for family policies was $414.
  • $2,935 Annual Individual Deductible: The average deductible for individual policies was $2,935.
  • $3,879 Annual Family Deductible: The average deductible for family policies was $3,879.
  • Half of all individual policyholders paid $149 or less per month in premiums
  • Half of all family policy holders paid $353 or less for monthly premiums.

You can also find our blog post with more details on the pricing report, here.

America’s Health Insurance Plans’ (AHIP) Data:
AHIP’s published the Comprehensive Survey of Premiums, Availability, and Benefits in October of 2009. According to the AHIP report:
- $248.75 per month for individual coverage: Nationwide, annual premiums averaged $2,985 for single plans mid-2009.
- $527.33 per month for family coverage: Nationwide, annual premiums averaged $6,328 for family plans in mid-2009.

The Kaiser Family Foundation
The Kaiser Family Foundation has a state-by-state map located here that lists the Average Per Person Monthly Premiums in the Individual Market in 2010.
Their average price nationally is:
- $215 per month for individual coverage

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Report Methodologies
eHealthInsurance Data

The eHealthInsurance report examines approximately 384,000 individual and family (IFP) major medical policies purchased through eHealthInsurance that were active in February 2011. They were all purchased online through eHealthInsurance.com, which is a “shop and compare” marketplace where customers are typically able to compare several different plans from multiple insurance companies, side-by-side.

The AHIP data on premiums and benefits is based on nearly 2.6 million policies in force during May or June 2009, covering approximately 4.2 million people. The plans reviewed in the AHIP survey were likely purchased directly from the insurance company or from independent agents and brokers through multiple channels, including in-person, over the phone and online.

Kaiser Family Foundation Data
The state average premium values shown in the Kaiser report represent the total premium revenue divided by the total member months of all major medical individual market plans for which data were available in each state in 2010. The Kaiser data were downloaded on July 13, 2011 from the Mark Farrah Associates Health Coverage Portal, which includes information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and California’s Department of Managed Health Care.

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