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Can I buy health insurance for someone else? Consumer Q&A

By on February 10th, 2012
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Not sure what to get for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? It’s not easy picking the right gift anymore. Chocolates and flowers are passé. Gold jewelry is so 2007. This year you want to give something that shows you really care, something that just shouts “Romance!” from the rooftops.

You want to give the gift of health insurance.

I jest, of course. Health insurance is probably not high on most people’s wishlists. That said, we do occasionally see posts on Yahoo Answers from people who want to buy health insurance for someone else. They’re usually wondering if it’s even possible. Of course it’s possible if that someone else is your dependent. But what if you want to buy health insurance for someone who’s not a dependent?

We recently answered a question from someone who wanted to buy health insurance for her mom. The eHealthInsurance reply was voted Best Answer:

You can’t technically “buy it for” your mom, but you can help her buy it – and you could pay the premiums for her if you wanted. I’d recommend that you work with a licensed agent either in your area or online. It doesn’t cost anything extra to work with an agent and it can help you get a better view of your options. Some online agents (like eHealthInsurance, where I work) allow you to compare plans side by side and read customer reviews.

If you’re new to buying health insurance on your own and want some basic definitions and tips, take a look at the health insurance buyer’s guide we published online.

If you want to go a little more in-depth, you can also request a free copy of the book we recently published, “Individual Health Insurance For Dummies,” which is available here.

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