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Is a high-deductible health insurance plan right for me? Consumer Q&A

By on November 16th, 2012
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Through our main website, eHealthInsurance.com, we sell over ten thousand different health insurance products from over 180 health insurance companies nationwide. That’s an awful lot of health insurance plans. Why so many?

Well, the fact is that there’s no one health insurance plan that’s best for everyone. For example, some people value preventive medical care more than anything; others only want coverage that’s there for them in an emergency. Young people might need a different kind of protection than older people. Finding the right match for your needs isn’t easy.

Last week on Yahoo Answers, we took a question from a young man age 26, single, with no kids, who rarely visits the doctor. He wanted to know if a high-deductible health insurance plan might be a good fit for him. Based on the details he provided, here’s our reply, which was voted Best Answer:

A high deductible health insurance plan might be a good fit for you. Just be sure that you can afford the deductible if the worst happened and you got seriously ill or injured.

The good news is that high-deductible plans are a better deal than they used to be. The health reform law has strengthened preventive care coverage for all health insurance plans. Even plans with higher deductibles will typically allow you access to a variety of preventive medical services without having to pay your deductible first.

For some more advice and tips on buying health insurance on your own, check out the book we published, Individual Health Insurance For Dummies. You can download an electronic copy or give us your address and we’ll mail you a copy for free:


Hope that helps.

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