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Does Medicare meet my coverage requirements under Obamacare? Consumer Q&A

By on July 19th, 2013
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Question MarkWill being on Medicare satisfy your coverage requirements under the health reform law?

You know that many people without health insurance today will be required to buy coverage on their own in 2014, and many will qualify for subsidies to help them afford it.

But what about people over age 65 who may be on Medicare today? Will they be required to purchase something new when the law takes effect in 2014?

Last week on Yahoo Answers we took a question from someone on that topic. He asked, will someone on Medicare “Plan B” need to do anything to comply with Obamacare?

The eHealthInsurance reply was voted Best Answer:

Are you talking about Medicare Part B? Or a Medicare Supplemental Plan B? Either way, if you’re on Medicare, you’re fine. The health reform law is focused on people who do not qualify for Medicare.

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