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Should I drop my employer health plan in favor of Obamacare next year?

By on September 20th, 2013
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Image by Flickr user clevercupcakesHealth reform is a big deal and it’s going to affect almost all of us in one way or another next year.

If you’re uninsured, you may be required to purchase coverage on your own or face a tax penalty. If you’re already insured, you may need to purchase a new reformed health plan. If you have employer-based coverage, it’s possible your employer could cut you loose to find coverage on your own.

But what if you decide that you’d rather buy coverage on your own than get it through your work?

Last week on Yahoo Answers we took a question from someone who wanted to know if this was a good idea.  The ehealth reply was voted Best Answer:

Whether you have an employer-based health insurance plan or one purchased on your own, look at all your options before January 1, 2014 – but don’t cancel your coverage until you’ve found a new plan to take its place.

Open enrollment will begin in October and run through March of next year. During that time, find out if you qualify for a health insurance subsidy through the federal government, and how much it might be. Then look at the coverage options available through your state’s health insurance exchange (or other sites authorized by your state exchange), and see what your final monthly premiums will be.

To get a preliminary idea of whether you may be eligible for a subsidy in 2014, visit our Health Reform Resource Center. Under the Tools tab at the top you can find a subsidy calculator that will give you an estimate of any subsidy amount that you may be eligible for in 2014.

Good luck.

Image by Flickr user clevercupcakes


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